Social dancing (16+)

Partnering Styles

Bachata, Salsa, Jive and Waltz

Elementary: Basic stepping and understaing of the rythm

Intermediate: Understanding the beat and rhythm of the music, incorporating style, attitude and technique to the dance.

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Contemporary and Lyrical Jazz

Elementary: Ballet techniques and floor work

Intermediate: Movement across the floor-partnering

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Elementary: Basic B-Boying techniques, Balance and body control

Intermediate: Incorporating B-Boying in a Hip Hop routine

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Zumba Dance Exercise

A fun fitness based course working on dance combinations to upbeat music specifically for ladies. The training includes stretching and cardio exercise and forms an excellent work out. The ladies dance classes leave you feeling toned and fit.

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Focuses on basics of yoga, breath work and movement. The session helps you build strength, confidence and grace in your body and mind and attain peace and relaxation from within.

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