9-12 years


Jazz Funk

Jazz Funk is an energetic and dynamic dance style where students learn the basic jazz technique, while combining the latest modern moves of the season.

Stretching & Alignment

The stretching techniques prepares the student to be more flexible, while maintain their alignments which gives their body a better balance and posture.

Hip Hop

Classes are geared toward positive hip-hop, teaching knowledge on the urban culture and helping to empower kids to use their inner talent using different Hip Hop moves.

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Ballet Techniques – II

Concentrates on placement and positions, building strength and individual interpretation

Street Jazz – II

A higher level of Street Jazz. Focusing more on musicality and counts.

Break Dance Basics

Also know as “B-Boying” or “B-Girling”. A dynamic style of dance, emerged from Hip Hop culture, where students learn more of creative and acrobat related dance moves.

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Advanced Intermediate

Hip Hop – II

Trendy style of hip hop workout done to upbeat dance tunes. Isolation and coordination exercises inline with hip hop steps.

Rock n Roll

Rock n roll is a style of dance emerged from 1960s & 70’s music and danced with energetic movements like, twist, jive, lindyhop.

Advanced Techniques

Focuses on musicality and precision of movement of each body parts as well as flexibility.

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Advanced Professional

Wave Hip Hop

This style is composed of movements that give an appearance that a wave is traversing through a dancer’s body. A complicated form of Hip Hop dance made easy by training the students on control of body movements.

Tricks n Turns

An intense training session, where students learn full range of ballet movements and advanced techniques to increase competence and stamina.

Dance Composition

An advanced training towards composing their own steps on the basis of counts with the knowledge of rhythm and musicality.

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