6-8 years



The stretching techniques prepares the student to be more flexible, while maintain their alignments which gives their body a better balance and posture.

Jip Jop

Mixture of Jazz and Hip Hop to help in cordination and knowlegde of picking rythym and dancing to the beats.

Point Jazz

This style incorporates poses and stretch moves which has to be 100% coordinated with a jazz technique.

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Ballet Techniques – I

Concentrates on placement and positions, building strength and individual interpretation.

Street Jazz – I

Basic level of Street Jazz. Focusing more on musicality and counts.

Hip Hop – I

An enegetic dance that includes the basics of the different genras of hip hop such as popping and locking, LA, Krumping etc.

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Advanced Intermediate

Break Dance Basics

Also know as “B-Boying” or “B-Girling”. A dynamic style of dance, emerged from the Hip Hop culture, where students learn more creative and acrobat related dance moves.

Across the floor – I

Graceful movement across the floor using combination of techniques, leaps or just style

Hip Hop Faster Tempo

Use of hip hop techniques and style to an upbeat or fast pace beat

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Advanced Professional

Broadway Jazz

A higher level of proficiency of Jazz dance with the techniques from Broadway focusing more on the style of portraying each step

Across the Floor – II

Graceful movement across the floor using techniques, leaps or just style along with understanding the knowledge of the rhythm

Dance Composition

Intense training towards composing their own steps on the basis of counts with the knowledge of rhythm and musicality.

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