20+ and above


Stretching & Alignement

The stretching techniques prepares the student to be more flexible, while maintain their alignments which gives their body a better balance and posture.

Hip Hop – I

Focuses on the basics foundation of Hip Hop, covering the various dance form in the Hip Hop culture.

Across the Floor

Graceful movement across the floor using combination of techniques, leaps or just style.

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Break Dance

Also know as “B-Boying” or “B-Girling”. A dynamic style of dance, emerged from Hip Hop culture, where students learn more of creative and acrobat related dance moves.

Point Jazz – I

A higher Level of Point Jazz, coordinating with the music on various intense movements of Jazz.

Basic Ballet Techniques

Focuses to learn proper ballet posture, positions and dance steps along with floor stretches to keep a dancer in great shape. The grace and strength of fluidity gained through the study of classical ballet technique not only improves a dancer’s performance in all other dance styles, but helps any student’s overall well-being by refining physical posture.

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Advanced Intermediate

Lyrical Jazz

A high energy class, with an infusion of the strength of Jazz, the flexibility of ballet, and emotion and expression of modern and lyrical.

Hip Hop

An advanced level of Hip Hop moves, which trains students on the basis of rhythm and control of the movements in regard with the music.

Tricks n Turns

An intense training session, where students learn full range of ballet movements and advanced techniques to increase competence and stamina and to develop core strength.

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Advanced Professional

Lyrical Hip Hop

A more interpretative version of new style Hip Hop, danced through downtempo rap music or RnB Music.


Contemporary dance explores movement, space, rhythm and the dancer’s own creativity with emphasizes on momentum, shapes and patterns and understanding musicality.

Dance composition & Choreography

Trains on developing creative process through improvisation, self-exploration, relating to the musical tone and character. Leaving students to present solo choreography to any trained dance styles.

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