13-19 years


Basic Stepping

Basic stepping on and off a step. The exact type and rate of movement varies, but simple step-up, step-down, which rates with music up beat and low beat and speed the moves as more intense movements,

Ba3llet Techniques

Concentrates on placement and positions, building strength and individual interpretation.

Street Jazz

Basic  level of Street Jazz. Focusing more on musicality and counts.

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Break Dance

Also know as “B-Boying” or “B-Girling”. A dynamic style of dance, emerged from Hip Hop culture, where students learn more of creative and acrobat related dance moves.

Across the floor

Graceful movement across the floor using combination of techniques, leaps or just style.

Hip Hop – I

An enegetic dance that includes the basics of the different genras of hip hop such as popping and locking, LA, Krumping etc.

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Advanced Intermediate

Tricks n Turns

An intense training session, where students learn full range of ballet movements and advanced techniques to increase competence and stamina.

Character Dancing

Dance that represents a particular character, especially in ballet. More of expressing oneself within the character and coordinating it in terms of music.


Contemporary dance explores movement, space, rhythm and the dancer’s own creativity with emphasizes on momentum, shapes and patterns and understanding musicality.

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Advanced Professional

Break Dance Advance

A higher, intense level of break dance.

Lyrical Hip Hop

A more interpretative version of new style Hip Hop, danced through downtempo rap music or RnB Music.

Dance Composition

An advanced training towards composing their own steps on the basis of counts with the knowledge of rhythm and musicality.

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