Performers visualize a crowd sitting in front of them while practicing. Especially during the final stage rehearsals before any show. We did just that. While practicing we visualized chairs filled in front of us with audience seated and clapping after every performance. Then, the curtains opened.

The roar from the audience blinded us. And that second we realized what we had witnessed, the BIGGEST turn out ever for any SnG show – REVIVE 2015. Audience filled the auditorium without an inch to move. Sitting in chairs, or any place where they could sit. The most astonishing fact and that makes us all proud and responsible is that, we had people standing and watching the show for the entire 3 hours.

That’s all that was required to push the 300 odd performers to give it more than what they ever though,t could do. 16 performances, the n13 dance hosting the top 10 student dancers with the Company dancers, the tiny tots, the energetic students from 6-60, heated up the stage with spectacular performances. We also had Celebrity guest The King of Krump  “RUSSELL FERGUSON”  Winner of  ‘So you think you can dance America and China’  and judged in China. The show, being the biggest show yet, had lit up the hearts and minds of each and everyone present audience and performers alike.