5 years of Success

Success is measured by many in many ways. It’s sometimes called luck, sometimes a chance or even a one off incident. The success of SnG initially was perceived to be a similar story. But we have proved that perception wrong. 1 year of success can be a chance, 2 years of success could just be another co-incidence, but having grown as much as we have, year after year, we have shown to ourselves and the world through our 5th year of success, that growth earned through effort, commitment, desire and above all, PASSION, can never be rubbed aside as Chance, Luck or Co-Incidence, but only as TRUE SUCCESS.

SnG has gone through leaps and bounds to register 5 years of growth. Growth in terms of number of students, number of dance floors and most importantly number of well wishers and supporting hands that still hold fort SnG. We wish to take this opportunity in thanking every one of those who have lend a helping hand in sharing our happiness and our tears, in this journey of success, partnership and love. Next year seems much more brighter with all of you around.