The Artistic director/ Owner of SnG loves challenges and new idea. In the fall of 2013 he came up with a concept that included holding a world record. He then gathered his group of fine talents and decided to have “2389” unique moves in one dance show.

This show was different from the rest as
1) it was the 1st charity event hosted by SnG.
2) We attempted to be the first to create a record of having 2389 moves in one show AND
3) We invited a world renowned Celebrity guest. Philip ‘Pacman’ Chbeeb. Creative Director/Head choreographer of I.am.me crew (Winners of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew Season to perform and interact with our young dancers.

With over 400 participants and a crowd of more than 1500 people, “2389 unique moves” proved to be one of our most entertaining, unique and highly appreciated show of the year. A NEW DAWN HAD RISEN.